Buying an outdoor fire pit

Friends having fun around their outdoor fire pit

Here in Australia, we've got such a great climate that we spend a lot of time outdoors with family and friends, especially in the warmer months.  During spring and summer, we are blessed with cooler nights, and as a result we spend a large percentage of our weekends getting outdoors for relaxation and recreation.

Here are MAX Fire Pits, we are particularly fond of getting together on a weekend, inviting a few mates over and sitting around one of our custom outdoor fire pits, having a few brews and telling some tall stories. There's nothing better!

So, as a way to help we thought we would put together a quick guide on what to look for when buying an outdoor fire pit for your backyard. We will list a few of the common pitfalls, as well as what to look for to get the best value for money.

Not all outdoor fire pits are created equal

The age-old mantra of "You get what you pay for" certainly rings true when it comes to fire pits and outdoor equipment in general. Only choose quality manufacturers who are proud of their work they product and have a good history of delivering quality products. The appeal of saving a few dollars will quickly fade when your cheap fire pit started to warp and bend due to the inferior quality steel.